The majority of calcium ingredients are composed of limestone and marble...stones. Why formulate your calcium supplement with rocks when you can use a living plant calcium ingredient? Regular stone calcium salts are able to slow bone loss in adults according to 60 years of research. But why slow bone density loss, when AlgaeCal is shown to increase bone density in healthy adults?

Changes in Total Body Bone Mineral Density Following a Common Bone Health Plan With Two Versions of a Bone Health Supplement: A Comparative Effectiveness Research Study" - Nutrition Journal, 2011

What is AlgaeCal?

AlgaeCal is a South American ocean algae of the species, l. superpositum which is commonly referred to by locals as algas calcareas. This unique species only grows in pristine Atlantic waters up to 40 meters depth where it is harvested by hand, sun dried, and then milled into a whole food powder containing 30% calcium along with 12 other proven bone supporting minerals.

Why Choose AlgaeCal for Your Next Formulation?

. AlgaeCal is the planet's only certified organic calcium (USDA and IFOAM)

· Health Claims beyond regular calcium sources add value to your AlgaeCal formula

· AlgaeCal is not just a calcium, but a complete multi-mineral

· Doctors all agree it is best to get nutrition from food. AlgaeCal is a whole food

· Vegetarian and Vegan calcium source

· Ecologically hand harvested in sustainable amounts

· Patents pending - exclusively available through AlgaeCal Distribution Inc

Exit the Stone Age with AlgaeCal PLANT Calcium!

Algas Calcareas Plant Calcium
close ups of living kiwi-fruit sized algae on the beach

Algas Calcareas Plant Calcium
Tennis ball size algae on the sandy beaches of South America

Interested in Using AlgaeCal® Plant Calcium For Your Next Formula?

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